Thursday, August 12, 2010

Observation Trials: Charisse Glenn - Full Article


*Aug 12, 2010

The Observation Trials were held on Aug 10, in Danville, Illinois. We arrived safely. Carl left us and flew back home. I set up camp with my friend and coach Trevor Copland from New Zealand, along with Iza Watcher from San Miguel, Mexico and both Steel and Bogart.

Acclimating to the weather has been great. HOT and Humid can't even begin to cover what we have lived in.

It has paid off, with the fact that we don't feel the heat any longer even though it has been in the 100+ and 85+% humidity.

Horses have a way of bringing us the greatest joys as well as teaching us life long lessons. I am grateful to have experienced both and this trip was a mixture of the two.

The horses were going well, although I still had concerns that Steel's knee was a bit problematic.

Bogart VF was perfection.The day before the trials Trevor, and I along with Sue Hedgecock and Cheryl Dell were out previewing the trail. Trev was cantering in the rear and suddendly the trail gave way and he was knee deep in a hole.

Thankfully Bogart did not break anything, but certainly stained himself.

When we returned, we felt he was slightly off. BUMMER! Becky came up about that time and I let her know. If I could have with drawn him, I would have. I knew that I did not want to risk any permanate injury, but without starting the trials my chances would be over. Bogart is a great horse with a hugh heart, tougher than nails and fiercely competitive...

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