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Tevis Volunteer Rescues Fallen Mare - Full Article

by: Marsha Hayes
July 30 2010, Article # 16748

Jack Meyer, a Tevis volunteer and an ultra-marathon runner from Foresthill, Calif., went beyond the call of duty when he rescued a black Anglo-Arab mare that had fallen into a ravine. Christoph Schork's 9-year-old Castle Country Karahty ("Kat"), ridden by David Shefrin, slid from the Western States Trail July 24 during the horse and rider's attempt to complete the 100-mile Tevis Cup ride.

The accident occurred around 4 p.m., nearly 50 miles into the journey that began near Lake Tahoe, and extended to Auburn, Calif., and at the same site where a mare died during the 2009 Tevis Cup after sliding from the trail and striking her head on rock.

Meyer, one of the 800 or more volunteers credited with making the event possible, had finished his shift at the Last Chance checkpoint and had decided to go for a run. Running the switchbacks into Devil's Thumb, he stopped to snap a picture of the steep canyon below when he heard Shefrin call, "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa," followed by the sound of sliding rocks.

"I ran right back down and saw a rider sitting on the edge of the trail with his head on his knees," recounted Meyer. Meyer ascertained the rider was not hurt and saw the mare lying on her back on top of a log at the bottom of the ravine...

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