Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Final Time Trial - Heather Reynolds

Heather Reynolds blog

August 10 2010

It has finally happened, the time trial is over. We will find out tomorrow who will be in the top ten. Smitty and Sam had a great day. The weather was crazy and the trail was technical.

Loop one was a 17 mile trek through hazy humidity that would fog up your sunglasses, I tried it. The bugs were crazy, it felt like it was raining on your face but it was just the bugs, currently my right eye is bloodshot from the bugs landing in it.

We had a 40 min vet check after each loop. Our next loop cooled off a bit. The humidity lifted as it was preparing to rain. The result was that loop 2 was cooler. We were able to pick it up on loop 2 which was 24 miles.

Another 40 min hold. About 5 min before I was out, it let loose.


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