Thursday, August 19, 2010


SA Belshazzar (Bayram x Jay El Tongafarah ox) named by USEF to go to Shaker Village. First USA Shagya to travel to Dubai, UAE to race in the President's Cup. First USA Shagya to do a 100 miles in 9 hours 17 min.
In 2006, a purebred Shagya won the WEG endurance 100 mile endurance race and "Zar's" breeder, Daunna Sellers,
of Verona, Ky. is wishing for another Shagya win. The Shagya breed is a rarity in the horse world with only about 150
breeding animals in the U.S. It's versatility has been proven, as the Shagya excels in all the disciplines, but lately it
has found a niche in the endurance world.

According to the American Shagya Arabian Verband, inc. the breed originated in Hungary and has been developed since 1789 from purebred Arabian stock. Recognized in 1978 as a distinct breed by the World Arabian Horse Organization,
WAHO, the Shagya has struggled to comeback following WWII when it almost became extinct.

The Shagya registry is holding an annual meeting and a judging clinic Sept. 25 and 27th

-- The clinic will be held in Finchville,KY. (between Louisville/Lexington), just off the main hwy. and easy drive from WEG
The registry is honored to have as clinician, Dr. Walter Huber, ISG judge and
renowned speaker.
Dr. Huber is interesting and fun and you will enjoy hearing about his lifetime
experience with the Shagya breed. He is a resident of Germany and vice president of

Information about the clinic and annual meeting may be found at

Contributions and sponsors are welcomed to fund SA Belshazzar towards his quest for the WEG race. They
may be sent to ZAR Fund, 15918 Porter Rd., Verona, Ky. 41092

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