Monday, August 02, 2010

Ready, Set, "GO"!!!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Ten "10" days to go, it is what it is, what's done is done, etc. etc.. I am getting nervous already. You always wonder if you did too much, or not enough. MONK has handled the humidity and temperatures like he does most things, in stride... He looks great, I brought my scale, but have not weighed him. Sounds silly but at home everything is the same, everyday. He hears me coming on the quad and goes potty and walks over the the stall door ready to come in. Here things are different, he is basically on pasture for maybe 20 hours out of 24. He does come in for a fly vacation and snacks but that's it.. There is not much I can do about his weight at this point, other then not have him do any work, which is where we are at about NOW.... I do put his additives and elytes in his snacks, which some times he eats it all, and other times does not touch it.

But he still has lots of cover and I particularly like the fact that he seems very "happy" with his band of mini horses, all girls of coarse, all out on pasture. He does have one REAL girlfriend though, she follows him everywhere and calls to him, and hangs with him all day long.

All tack issues have been resolved, at least for me, hopefully it will be the same for Lindsay. I have been taking some preventative measure to keep him from getting scratches, which hopefully will work.

MONK has been ridden barefoot just around the farm for the last couple of days, all on nice mowed hay fields. We made a little 1.5 mile track around edge of the rolling hay fields. Only a couple of scares, one was when we were right next to the rail road tracks when the train came, they sure make lots of noise, and we were only maybe 150' from the tracks. Fast trots on the downhills, cantor and run the hills, pretty fun when he LISTENS... This is usually only when he has not been ridden much...

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