Monday, March 11, 2013

AERC 2012 Breed Awards

Breed Awards were announced at the March 8-9 AERC Convention in Reno, Nevada.

Akhal Teke Association of America - High point endurance: MV Patrickhan (owner Jas Shearer-McMahon)

High point limited distance: Kuguar (owner Dovlet Geldy Kyarizov)

Arabian Horse Association - 100 Mile High Point Arabian: PWF Lee Wynd (owner Amanda Fant)

100 Mile High Point Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian: Greenbriar Al Jabal (owner Suzanne Hayes)

50 Mile High Point Arabian: Scudd Run (owner Laurie Birch)

50 Mile High Point Half-Arabian/Anglo-Arabian: RTM First in Line (owner: Linda Hamrick)

Institute for the Desert Arabian Horse - Drinkers of the Wind Award - OT Sara Moniet RSI (owner: Corckett Dumas)

Intermountain Wild Horse & Burro Advisors - High Mileage (endurance) & Overall High Mileage: NRR Team 91 Hoss (owner Valerie Jaques)

High Mileage (limited distance): Lady Jasmine (owner: Janet Tipton)

Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association - High Point & High Mileage (endurance): Barney's Fife's Single Shot (owner: Ashley Sansome, DVM)

High Mileage (limited distance): Dancer's American Beauty (owner: Dorothy Foster)

North American Shagya Society Radautzer Award - Salome (owner: Hannah Summers)

Paso Fino Horse Association - Diamante de Zeta & Tivio IXL (owner: Ross Carrie)

Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association - High Point & High Mileage (endurance): Bono (owner: Linda Reznicek, DVM)

High Mileage (limited distance): Spirit of Woodhaven (owner: Beth Marshall)

US Trotting Association - Standardbred Endurance Award: Steady's Bad Boy (owner: Nancy Salazar)

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