Friday, March 29, 2013

Dave Rabe On The Mend

March 28 update from Dave: I’ve made it through my surgery ok and I am on the trail to recovery. I have had one issue with my left arm so far. It has gone numb a few times for about 15 minutes each time,and then it goes back to normal. The doctors don’t know for sure what is causing it yet. I’m doing cat scans and MRI’s for awhile to see how my head injury is progressing. So far everything is looking good. I’ve had no headaches since my surgery. I do have two new holes in my head (one of them was a bonus) from the surgery. They are both healing really good.

Overall I am just taking it easy and trying to get my head to heal. I’ve only been able to see one of my horses so far since the accident as they are still at Jackie Beaupre’s. My favorite female Carolyn is riding Rushcreek Ok. She did the Rides of March on him recently and is keeping Ok at her place in Washoe Valley.

My house is back to normal now thanks to my endurance rider electricians Pam Anderson and Joyce Stoffey and my friend Kenny Creech. They have got all of my electrical problems fixed now.

My old endurance riding partner Bonnie Way came up to see me. It was great to see her again. I think I rode over 10,000 miles with Bonnie. She is known as the mean nurse from California. She is a really great lady and a Hosebag.

I hope to be riding by this fall and look forward to seeing all of you then. Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers and cards. You will see me with a helmet on from now on,as I’ve gotten a little smarter now. (the hard way)

~Dave Rabe

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