Saturday, March 09, 2013

Four United States Endurance Riders ranked in the FEI Top Twenty-Five


California, United States, March 8, 2013 – Jeremy Reynolds, ranked 14th in the FEI Open Riders World Endurance Ranking leads the United States riders with two horses owned by Reynolds Racing. Jeremy’s mounts are two geldings, 7 year old RR An Honest Crook, and the 8 year old gelding Chanses. Jeremy represented the USA at the World Championships in Great Britain, where he finished in 21nd position.

Cheryl Van Dusen rode in the Pam Am Games 2011 held in Santo Domingo, Chile. Cheryl is currently ranked 19th overall internationally riding her two geldings EBC Regal Majjaan and Nazeefs Pinot Noir.

Marcia Hefker, a new comer to International competition, entering her second season in FEI competition. Marcia started out with a good showing this year winning the Ridgecrest 160 km on her 12 year old mare, Hindi Bint Samia.

Ann S Hall rounds out the top twenty five ranked riders in the 24th spot riding the Hall’s HCC Zara RR. The 12 year old mare, was Ms. Hall’s partner with to win the FEI World Champion Horse and Rider Combination title in 2010.

While the top ranked riders in the FEI World Ranking reflect the endurance season of the Middle East in full swing, the United State is looking to continue their upward movement in International competition as their season is just starting. The United States through the support of the American Endurance Riding International Committee, United States Equestrian Federation and the private donation of the Rashid Fund has a record number of FEI sanctioned rides for 2013 . The United States has given un- prescient support to the Young Riders program.

The Open Rider World Endurance ranking number one position is held by United Arab Emirate rider Al Abbar Mohammed Ahmed Hassan. Thus far in the season, Al Abbar has finished 3 of 4 events, including 11 place finish in the 160km HH Sh. Mohammed Bin Rashid Maktoum Endurance Cup, riding Castlebar Kadeen. Following closely in the second position is New Zealand rider Alison Higgins.

The FEI, founded in 1921, is the international body governing equestrian sport recognized by the International Olympic Committee. Today, it is the sole controlling authority for 8 equestrian disciplines throughout the world. Of the equestrian disciplines that FEI oversees is the sport of endurance riding.

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