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Award winning endurance rider Heidi Hilton plans return to competition - Full Article
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by Gary DeVon on March 15, 2013 in News, Sports and Outdoors
So much depends on your horse, she says

OROVILLE – Oroville’s Heidi Hylton has been competing for two years in horse endurance riding and for a relative newcomer has racked up some impressive results.

“I got into it indirectly through Kim Black, but more directly through John Newton, who is our farrier,” said Hylton.

“Kim, from Tonasket, has competed for several years. John doesn’t compete, but he is the one who encouraged me to try it.”

Hylton says she has a lot to thank Newton for and that there are five endurance riders in Okanogan County and they all use his horseshoeing services.

“The sport is super hard on horses, if your horse doesn’t have a good footing under you, you can’t compete,” Hylton said.

The competitor says endurance riding takes lots of time conditioning your horse and riding at least three times a week, five to 25 miles, to practice.

Hylton and her husband Tony have nine horses on 40 acres outside of Oroville. Her husband also competed for the first time last year. He rides a full brother to her horse.

“As a stallion he can be more difficult to deal with,” she said.

In 2011 Hylton and her mare ‘Crazy Horse’ completed fourteen 50-mile competitions and one 75- mile distance...

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