Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Tevis Cup: Special Rider Opportunities for 2013


03 March 2013

Hello, Tevis enthusiasts. I hope your late winter training is going well. On behalf of the Tevis Ride Committee I would like to update you on the July 20, 2013 ride. I am excited to announce that the first 15 qualified juniors to submit a ride application with a qualified sponsor application for the 2013 Tevis will have their entry sponsored! Yes, our young riders can ride free of charge! If the junior is a first time finisher, he or she would also qualify for a legacy buckle! Juniors and sponsors take notice that this invitation is extended to the first 15 entries. The 16th junior to sign up does not qualify for the free entry. Tevis Board members and our generous sponsors are committed to the future of the sport of endurance riding. The Tevis ride takes a stand that encouraging junior riders and their adult sponsors to accept the ultimate challenge is just one of the ways the Board of Governors is leading the sport by supporting today's youth. If you would like to be a sponsor of one of our junior riders, let us know at the office. We would love to have you join in our mission.

The Legacy Buckle program is returning for 2013. Legacy Buckles are buckles that were earned and owned by Tevis completers who have been donated the buckle back to the WSTF. They are then presented to first time finishers at no cost to the rider, thus fulfilling the legacy. This program was so well received that the committee has had to work hard to offer this generous program again in 2013. Riders hoping to take advantage of this program need to pray extra hard to the "Tevis gods" to finish this year as the supply of "Legacy Buckles" may run out in future years.

In an effort to provide enriched opportunities for riders who would like to give back to the trails that mean so much to us, WSTF BOG announces the Signature Rider entry. For the rider who would like to be recognized for donating to the preservation and improvement of Tevis trail we offer the Signature Rider entry. This $1,500 entry which includes a buckle upon successful completion of the ride, a jacket for themselves and a sheet for their horse with a one-of-a-kind patron of the trail emblem monogrammed on both items, a Tevis Cup Director's chair, an invitation to the VIP/Foreign Rider Reception on Tuesday night, reserved seating at the Sunday Banquet with additional recognition, a two-night stall reservation, Thursday and Saturday night assisted parking at Robie Park and Foresthill, a copy of They Crossed The Mountains DVD, and a CalStar Insurance Membership specifically covering the Tevis Cup. The Signature Rider entry includes a letter of donation for $800.

To insure the highest quality ride experience for all entrants the 2013 Tevis ride is limited to 210 entries plus ten foreign rider entries. Entry forms are available on the home page.

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