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Auburn’s equestrian group riding in Tournament of Roses Parade

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Dec 31 2015

Two dozen riders taking part in Pasadena New Year’s Day fixture
By: Gus Thomson of the Auburn Journal

The theme of this year’s Tournament of Roses Parade is “Find Your Adventure” and who better to exemplify that spirit than two dozen endurance riders representing the Auburn-based American Endurance Ride Conference.

The group of riders will be in the middle of Friday’s parade, which starts at 8 a.m. The posse of equestrians will be four “legends” – 91-year-old 22-time Tevis Cup finisher Julie Suhr of Scott’s Valley, Karen Chaton, Connie Creech and John Parke.

“What better group to be picked for a ‘Find Your Adventure’ parade theme than the American Endurance Ride Conference because we live for riding the trails,” conference parade marshal Gayle Pena said. “Riders also help ensure trails stay open and are useable. And by putting on rides, we make people aware of parks and trails...”

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