Friday, January 22, 2016

Is Clinton Anderson Gunning for the Tevis Cup?

January 22 2016

Thanking his followers and fans for the support he's gotten for his Downunder Horsemanship series on RFD-TV, trainer Clinton Anderson feels he owes his audience "something extremely special."

According to his Downunder Horsemanship blog entry of January 15, 2016, one of 10 possible film projects Anderson is planning, which is "something so adventurous that it's borderline crazy and dangerous", is that he maybe be planning to "Buy an untouched Arabian, train the horse, and then compete in the Tevis Cup, the world’s most grueling endurance ride."

The project won't begin filming until 2017, because he will "need that much time to get in shape and prepare for what I'm about to take on."

To see what the other 9 scenarios might be for Anderson's next training challenge, see:

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