Tuesday, January 12, 2016

New Year, New Website: AHA Launches Guest User Portions of Newly Designed Website


RELEASE: January 11, 2016
AUTHOR/ADMINISTRATOR: Arabian Horse Association

Aurora, Colo. – Today, January 11, 2016, the Arabian Horse Association (AHA) launched the guest user portions of its newly designed, customer friendly and highly efficient website.

The website’s domain name remains www.arabianhorses.org and features a sleek and modern look and feel, with new colors, bold pictures and easy to read formats. The ease of navigation is extremely improved, with most pages requiring only one or two clicks to retrieve desired information. A robust set of tools for promotion and outreach, as well as member and customer interaction, have been designed to make the website easy to navigate, use and interact with AHA.

The launch included only the guest pages and portions of the new site. Guest pages, by definition, are pages that guest users have access to – pages that can be accessed without a password or logging in. Some of these new pages include the homepage; the Discover and Youth portals; a leadership section; a Judges and Stewards portal; a Get Involved section and Get Local map for AHA clubs to use as outreach tools; a newly designed Event Calendar, and much more!

Current member/customer interaction with the website will change slightly. In order for AHA to better serve members and customers, password requirements for member/customer login have changed. For increased security and customer protection, AHA will no longer utilize a PIN system for login. Rather, a password, created by the member/customer, will be required. A current email address will need to be on file with the AHA office and associated with a member/customer account in order to use the new online ‘Password Help’ feature to reset a forgotten password.

The password will require a minimum of eight (8) characters and a maximum of twenty (20), with at least one upper case and one lower case letter, along with a number. Members/customers will be prompted to change their PIN to a password upon their first attempt at logging into their member portal on or after January 11, 2016. A confirmation email of the change will then be sent.

Once logged into their account, the member/customer portal pages will remain the same as they are now – the old design and layout. This is true of several other pages within the new site. New and old website pages will be intertwined, creating a user experience that shows off the new website portions, but is still fully accessible and functional to members and customers. Navigation between the old and new will be simple and not require accessing more than one site by the user.

AHA’s new website rebuild is part of a three-year plan for AHA business transactions and financial system infrastructure upgrades, known as ‘Future State.’ Future State is projected to last through the year 2018 and is an implementation of new AHA business rules, including customer-initiated, real-time, web delivered transactions; automated transactions to eliminate paper and speed up completion; the simplification of all business interactions with AHA members and customers, and much more.

AHA is excited for members and customers to see the newly designed AHA website guest pages. If you are a current member or customer and find that you need assistance with changing your PIN to a password, please call our customer service representatives at 303.696.4500, option #2.

Continue to look for updates and communication regarding the progress and status of AHA Future State, via AHA Insiders, e-blasts, social media and more.

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