Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Equestrians of all levels find horses in Humble, Texas - Full Article

By Lindsay Peyton
January 13, 2016

Equestrians looking for an adventure in Houston don't have to search far.

Just head north to Cypress Trails, a stable in Humble that offers guided trail rides, horse rentals, lessons, boarding and training.

At the helm of the ranch located at 21415 Cypresswood Drive is Darolyn Butler, an entrepreneur who built a successful career around a passion for horses.

"If you're a horse person, we are about the only place you can go," she said.

The ranch caters to all skill levels.

"We get top riders who want to see the country and don't want to go on a pony ride," Butler said.

That's what attracted Lindsay Norris to the ranch in 2001.

"I soon found out they would allow me to ride to my ability, meaning I could walk, trot and canter," she said.

Now Norris heads to the barn four times a week from her home in the Houston Heights.

She also was inspired by Butler to start competing in endurance rides both nationally and internationally.

"Darolyn is determined," Norris said. "She rarely encounters a road block she cannot overcome. She has amazing physical fortitude, sometimes riding 50-plus miles each day for several days. Darolyn has pushed me way out of my comfort zone and has exposed me to an intense horse experience that I really enjoy..."

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