Thursday, January 07, 2016

In which Fiddle did it! She's AERC High Mileage Standardbred!

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by Aarene Storms
January 6 2016

Fiddle has come a long way from the grouchy "hellbitch" mare delivered to me
in December of 2006, and she was the ultimate representative of Team Sensible
as a graceful (and powerful) Dragon on the trail in 2015.

We got confirmation of her win this morning via email from the United States Trotting Association.

I admit: I'm giddy.

In some cases, we went further than expected. The 75-miler at the Milwaukee Rail Trail Ride turned out to be an 80-miler, and the 50 at the Haunting Ride was a very long 55 miles.

Other rides, such as the Mount Spokane ride and the Jubilee Ranch ride, were cancelled because of our unbelievable forest fire season.

I kept in touch with other Standie riders, and compared notes. It's not a huge field, so it's possible for us to "know" almost everybody, at least via Facebook and blogs. We're all big advocates for Team Sensible, and we like to chat online about our beautiful brown horses...

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