Monday, January 11, 2016

Draft Agenda for AERC Board Meeting in January

January 11 2016

Business before the AERC Board for January includes:

• Strategic Plan - Finance implementation plan - John Parke Report on supporting organization

• Marketing Position contract renewal

• Ride Format (short ride) discussion – Do we need an ad hoc committee?

• Junior Motion by Stephanie Teeter

Motion Name: Junior Sponsor Age Change
Proposing Committee: Junior committee
Date of Motion: January 11
Classification of Motion Request : Rule modification
Proposed Motion : Change the minimum age for Junior Sponsor from 21 to 18 (Rule 10: FROM: “competent adult (21 years or older)” TO “competent adult (18 years or older)”

Background, analysis and benefit : It can be difficult for parents and guardians to find appropriate sponsors for junior riders, both before a ride starts, and during a ride in case the initial sponsor is eliminated from competition. This change will provide more choices, such as older siblings and family friends.

Eighteen is the age of majority in our legal system and a person is no longer considered a child
once they reach the age of eighteen. The average 18 yr old should have the maturity to understand the duty and take on the responsibility of sponsoring a Junior. Ultimately, it is the duty of the Junior's parent/guardian to ensure the Junior is on a suitable mount and the Junior's sponsor understands the responsibility and has the appropriate skill to sponsor the Junior.In all cases the parent or guardian must ultimately approve any sponsor

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