Sunday, January 24, 2016

Getting Started with Darolyn - Full Article

Chase Endurance | January 19, 2016

At around 12:24 a.m. I heard a knock at my hotel room door. Normally, I wouldn’t be answering my door at that hour, but my roommate for the next two weeks, Jill Sivo, had just arrived from Connecticut, after a series of flight delays. We hadn’t met yet, but had become Facebook friends after learning we would be at Cypress Trails Equestrian Center at the same time. Jill was supposed to have arrived at 5:00 in the afternoon on Monday, but connecting flights can always be a crap shoot. I felt really bad for her since I knew we were going to have a full day of adventures on Tuesday.

Tuesday morning at 8:00 a.m. rolled around all too quickly (keeping in mind I am still at PST 6:00 a.m.). Soon after, we started moving we began conversing about what we were in for when we finally met up with Darolyn Butler. Almost every internet search we performed on endurance riding, Darolyn’s name came up. Her ranch was only an eight minute drive from the hotel so we were there before we knew it.

Upon arrival, we had our choice of parking spots and the place was rather deserted, except for the 70 head of horses. Around the corner of the barn we came upon the farrier performing a barefoot trim on one of the Arabians. All of Darolyn’s horses run barefoot, unless it is a particularly rocky course, then she would glue on shoes or use hoof boots...

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