Saturday, August 06, 2016

AERC Ride Structure Survey

August 6 2016

The Board of Directors has tasked an ad hoc Ride Structure Committee with collecting and analyzing input from the membership in regards to a number of concepts being considered for possible further development. Those concepts include issues such as including non-competitive divisions, changing some conditions by which limited distance events are held, changing the name of distance divisions and other myriad ideas. 

We are asking for the careful and considered input from all full members of AERC. Sorry, we are not collecting data from non-members or day members at this time (and yes, we will be checking and excluding those who don't fit the bill). 

The survey is 17 questions long and should take less than ten or fifteen minutes. The results will be presented to the Board after analysis, and those ideas receiving significant support from the membership will be recommended for further development by the appropriate committees. Note that none of these concepts are anything other than concepts under consideration. Nothing is set in stone at this point, which is why we are seeking member input. 

If you are an AERC full member, please go to this link: . The link is also available on the AERC homepage, and will be posted on other Facebook pages, list serves and via member emails. While you might receive multiple notifications of the survey, please only take the survey ONCE. 

Thanks for your participation!

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