Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Three Weeks till the AERC National Championships

August 17 2016

We are only about 3 weeks away from National Championship ride and have started to receive ride entries. Please keep them coming in to us. The entry deadline is August 26th. We (Management) want to keep you as updated as possible on the event and will try and post as often as needed.

As many of you know/heard there was a wildfire on the island that was started by lightning. Although 1/2 the island was burnt the pasture where we hold RideCamp at Garr Ranch was not. Jeffrey L. Stuart and I where just out there and although there are some spots that are now a little darker then others, the trails still look good and will be ready to go for the ride.

Things you need to know-

*RideCamp will be held at Garr Ranch (same as the spring ride if you were there) in the pasture. There will be plenty of parking even for the biggest rig down to my old school rig.

*The camping fee for the island is $15 a night and will be paid at the guard house as you come onto the island. This is an island fee that is charged by the island.

*Wynne Teeter (many of you know her from City of Rocks & Steph Teeter's rides) has agreed to travel down to us and prepare wonderful meals for the NC. She will be putting together a wonderful menu for us and will have breakfast, lunch & dinners to purchase on days you are not riding & for your support crew.

*Steve Bradley will be coming to the NC as our photographer. He has a unique eye for taking photos and does an amazing job. Most of you will recall the finish line photo Steve took at City of Rocks. His pictures have been in Endurance News more times then I can count. We look forward to having Steve with us.

*We will have water for your horses at RideCamp, but please bring people drinking water. We will have horse water on the trails and at vet check.

*There will be one out vet check (White Rock Bay) that will be utilized thought the ride. There is also a stop (freary peak) that will have horse water and potties if needed. Easy access for support crew. The other vet check will will be in camp. We will provide hay and water for your horses.

*We will have a dumpster at RideCamp for all horse and people trash. This is a state park so we have been asked to leave that park as we found it. That means all horse extras need to be cleaned and in the dumpster before you leave.

*We do a few corrals that can be rented for the NC. The fee is $10 a night and MUST be paid with your ride entry. I will post when all corrals have been rented.

*We will have potties in RideCamp, but the island does provide a FREE dump station if you would like to use your own and dump before you leave.

*On September 9th we will be offering a non NC LD & our first ever 25 mile Ride & Tie. The LD entry is already posted on the NC entry and the Ride & Tide entry will follow soon. Please remember if you do not have a current AERC membership card with you that you will be charged a $15 day use fee in addition to your entry fee. All Ride & Tie entries MUST have a current membership with your entry.

*The one topic we all dislike.... We love having your dogs at RideCamp, BUT the park has a very strict DOGS ON LEASH rule. If your dog is caught without a leash (and having the leash on your dog while they drag it behind them does not count.) they WILL ticket you. The ticket is not cheap so please keep your pets on a leash.

*I will be updating this often as we get closer to the ride.

For registration, go to:

If you have any questions please feel free to ask us or PM us. Hope to see you all soon.
Your Management Team.

Tonya Cmannie
Shirley Fox Brown
Jeffrey Stuart

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