Sunday, August 07, 2016

Lora Wereb and Spin-Out Merlin are Tevis Cup's most unlikely finishers - Full Article

Mary Ann Norbom
Aug 4, 2016

Finishing 72nd in a race might not seem like anything to brag about, unless you're Lora Wereb, and you and your horse, Spin-Out Merlin, have just completed The Tevis Cup. That's the famed 100-mile horse race, run in 24 hours through the roughest of terrains between Lake Tahoe and Auburn.

There were 175 entries, 10 dropped out just before the race started and 78 dropped out or were eliminated during the race, leaving just 87 finishers. Wereb's 72nd spot put her in the top half of the competition.

Wereb, a survivor of stage 4 breast cancer, is now battling inoperable liver cancer with daily oral medication. Merlin is her beloved 18 1/2-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse. He was an abused, broken down rescue when Wereb took him in three years ago.

That the pair would even qualify to compete in The Tevis is remarkable.

"He is unrecognizable from the horse I adopted," Wereb said before the July 23-24 race. That's the result of the the loving care the veterinary technician has given him, and in recent months, to the support from several in the Valley horse community, especially Peg Crowley, co-owner of Pegasus Estate Winery...

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