Tuesday, August 23, 2016

From shore to shore: Marine City's Humble enjoys epic ride across state

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Joseph Hayes, Times Herald
August 22, 2016

It was quite the adventure.

Teachers find many things to do over the summer as they enjoy a vacation far removed from their classrooms. Some might keep it simple, but Marine City High School Spanish teacher and track and field coach Kristen Humble always seems to find an adventure.

For the fourth year, Humble participated in the Michigan Trail Riders Association event that took her on a 240 mile excursion over 16 days from Oscoda on the east side of the state all of the way to the city of Empire on the west side of the state.

"It started out as a lifelong bucket list dream," said Humble, who graduated from Marysville High School in 1999. "I think that is how it begins for a lot of people. You want to ride your horse that far and you have it in your mind as a destination journey...

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