Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Luttrell horse 'Amigo' survives gruesome injury; becomes Facebook sensation - Full Story & Video

Jim Matheny


For more than three weeks, Gary Sanderson's Arabian horse Amigo has lived at the UT vet school's large animal clinic instead of his barn in Luttrell. Doctors consider it a miracle that Amigo is alive at all.

The athletic horse is one of the elite endurance horses in the nation. Amigo and Sanderson compete in 50-mile races, where the horse was ranked fifth in the southeast region.

On January 17th, Sanderson walked down to the horse barn and noticed Amigo standing at the gate.

"I asked him what he was doing down by the gate all by himself, and he answered me," said Sanderson. "Then I noticed he was not coming around the gate and I looked at his other side."

Sanderson discovered a gruesome wound. A cedar branch two inches in diameter and three feet long had stabbed Amigo through the chest.


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