Thursday, February 11, 2010

President's Cup: Wednesday in the UAE - Heather Reynolds

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Wednesday, 10 February 2010

We woke up and had breakfast as usual and then headed out to the barn. It was another 2 hour walk morning, which is about a 6 mile deal. Every time that Smitty has seen a camel he is convinced that we should go get a better look and tries to drag me towards them. Well, today he had his chance. The camels were right on the road we were on, headed straight at us. When they were approaching he was happy, then at some point in the approaching, I guess he focused on them really well. I think he must have realized that he needs his eyes checked because it went from a cool idea "let's say Hi" to "let's get the hell outta here!" In a split second.

Jeremy ran 12 miles while we walked and he went 10 min faster today then he did two days ago.

After our walk I body clipped Smitty. We tied him to our rental car and even hung his hay bag from the car as well. We did this by unrolling the windows on the left side of the car and then tied him through the solid part of the doors between the two windows. Very professional.


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