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President's Cup: Another day in the UAE - Heather Reynolds

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Monday, 08 February 2010

I forgot to mention that we went to the camel souk (market) yesterday to get carrots for Smitty. On the way there you can literally see 100's of camels that are in race training being ponied all over the place. We also went to a nearby stand that sells fresh cut Lucerne (alfalfa). It is super fresh, as in looking like fresh cut grass. Smitty likes it, he gets a handful each day.

At some point late in the night, like 12 am, we got a delivery at our room from the OC. It was a hat and jacket that had the race logo on it. I saw them when I woke up as I slept through the delivery! The jackets and hats were the right size and looked really cool. We also had a dinner party invite attached to this package. The party will be on Thursday night at he Endurance Village.

This morning we woke up and had the buffet as usual. I did hear the main Chef coaching one of his guys on how the pastries could be rounder, etc. I then realized that all of the beautiful pasteries we made fresh, right here. This inspired me to try an almond and powdered sugar covered croissant. Awesome!

Then we drove to the barn. I cleaned Smitty's stall...


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