Wednesday, February 10, 2010

President's Cup: Tuesday in the UAE - Heather Reynolds

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Tuesday, 09 February 2010

I failed to tell you about the crazy motorcycle drivers last night. We were coming back from town and needed gas really badly. We were on a failing search for gas and we had given up and were heading back to the hotel when we just barely noticed in time two motorcycles, in the dark, without headlights, driving at us head on. I don't know if this is some psychotic type of training or what but they kept almost getting killed! The worst part was that when we went around a few more roundabouts they were once again in front of us heading at us from out of the darkness head on! Crazy. This is when Ellen said half way jokingly that they were after their families blood money. She went on to explain that if you kill a person in an accident you then owe that person's family $250,000 for their loss!

Any how, we had breakfast early to make it for our 8 am photo shoot. This morning there were amazing chocolate croissants that I now knew were fresh which made them even more amazing!

When we got to the barn we got the horses dolled up and saddled and went to exit the quarantine compound when our guard told us we couldn't leave until 9 am.


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