Friday, February 12, 2010

President's Cup: Thursday in the UAE-getting closer! - Heather Reynolds

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Thursday, 11 February 2010

We went to the barn this morning for Jeremy to do a short ride. Ellen and Eryn went for a walk as well as Jeremy Olson's dad, Craig (who arrived last night).

We worked on Smitty taking bottles from his right side as that is the side he liked less and that is the side that is easier to get to while driving and handing off. He only held his breath a few times today, and it is really funny when he does!

After the ride Jeremy ran from the barn out for a 6 mile, give or take, run while I read my book. Then we headed back to the hotel.

Ellen, Eryn and Craig went to the camel souk and there was a lot more going on there than usual. Apparently there were fancy camels wearing sparkley, strappy things and a lot more camels were there than normal. Maybe there had been a race?


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