Saturday, February 13, 2010

President's Cup: Friday in the UAE- and counting - Heather Reynolds

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Friday, 12 February 2010

Today was the last day of waiting! Super!! We went out to the camel souk first thing to get fresh Alfalfa and to get a new box of carrots. I was able to take a picture of some of the camel jockey robots, they were even wearing silks!

Jeremy and Ellen rode. Smitty looked perfect and calm. Zar looked wonderful as he cantered effortlessly along. He is a very nice representation of Shagya breeding. I took many pictures and a few video clips of him on his ride today. After the ride we gave him a soap bath and even conditioned his tail. He was super clean when we left for lunch.

We were going to leave for lunch when we discovered that our car had a dead battery. We waited a while and someone with jumper cables arrived to rescue us. We drove back to the hotel and waited for the person to arrive to give us our 4 wheel drive crew trucks. When the guy claimed that the trucks would run "Just as well as your cars" I was scared. My truck that they gave me coughed to a slow turn over start. I quickly refused taking that one and got a new one. I told them that I had already had my fun with my rental car.


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