Monday, February 08, 2010

President's Cup: I Made It!! - Heather Reynolds

Reynolds Racing - Full Story

07 February 2010

Well let's see here, my flight was absurdly long. I started out flying from San Jose to Denver. This really doesn't get you closer to the UAE. I made the mistake of mentioning the San Jose airport and I think that organizer thought they were doing me a favor by flying me from there versus San Francisco. So instead of me driving 45 min to San Fran, I flew 2 1/2 hours to Denver and then had a 3 hour lay over to fly to Europe. I walked around Denver switched my watch by an hour and had a salad. This added 5 hours to my lovely trip. Then I got on my flight to Frankfurt. This was a 10:35 flight. I switched my watch by 8 hours and walked around all of the Duty Free shopping there was to see and waited out my 3 hour lay over. Then I boarded my final leg to Dubai. this was a 5:55 flight. I changed my watch by 3 more hours and was there. I landed at 11:55 pm. I took off on the 5th of Feb at 11 am and landed the 6th at 11:55 pm. Very cool time warp.

Once I was through passport control, which took about an hour, I went to baggage. After finding my bags, which were the last two to appear (at least they appeared though, right?) I went out to look for a person holding my name on a sign. I looked and then looked and then realized there wasn't a sign...shit. I had emailed the person in charge of our travel arrangements 5 times leading up to this trip to get the hotel info and never had gotten any data.


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