Friday, August 27, 2010

Highway to Hell - Full Article

by Mark Henderson | Horse-Canada September/October 2010

On long, hot trailer hauls, should you leave the upper back doors open or closed? Here’s a tale that ends all debate on the topic.

Chrystal Woodhouse was just easing back into the passenger seat after stopping at a roadside restaurant with husband, Rob, as they resumed their trip back to Canada. Their young daughters were in the back seat and Miss T Moonlight was munching on hay in the trailer. They were on their way home from the Old Dominion 100-mile endurance ride in northern Virginia. Chrystal didn’t quite complete the event. She had to pull her horse up after 90 miles because of a stone bruise. Apart from the disappointment of not finishing, it had been a perfect family weekend.

They were just outside Breezewood, Pennsylvania, south east of Pittsburgh, and had only been on the interstate for minutes when Chrystal noticed something odd out of the corner of her eye in the rear view mirror. It was brown, like a deer, a dog or a coyote or something, tumbling or rolling behind them on the highway.

After gazing in silence for a few seconds, the realization of what it was came into sharp focus and struck like a bolt of lightning. She uttered a few incoherent words, then screamed at the top of her lungs; “that’s my horse, that’s my horse - pull over, now, now, stop!” ...

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llbrown62 said...

All I can say is "HOLY COW! Thank God she survived and it's a miracle she was able to return to competition."