Monday, July 11, 2016

Meet a horsewoman with a talent for writing - Ronnie Eden - Full Article

July 10 2016
by Ron Walker

I met Ronnie Eden at a book signing. She’s published a children’s book, which she both wrote and illustrated.

She joins Orllyene and me, in our home, for a glass of iced tea. An attractive blond woman, I’m filled with a high degree of expectancy, at the thought of meeting a real, live published author. When she comes through the front door she says, “Oh, this is so beautiful,” and is very complimentary to Orllyene, who designed our home. We sit down to a glass of iced tea, adorned with a sprig of mint. I salvo my first question. “Ronnie, what’s your passion?” thinking she will reply, “being an author,” or possibly an “artist.” “Horses. Without a doubt, horses are my absolute passion. I’m an endurance-rider. It’s a sport you know. I have an endurance horse (Kip), and I take all the 24 hours they allow you, in the Endurance Ride from Squaw Valley to Auburn. Some of the ‘hot shoes’ do it in 12 hours. Also, I ride 10-15 miles, three times a week,” she says...

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