Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tevis Ride Director Optimistic About Tevis Trail Use

July 10 2016
Message from the Ride Director Chuck Stalley

Today I am very optimistic that we will be able to use the Tevis trail in the area damaged by the Trailhead Fire. That is a bold prediction, as we have not yet been allowed to examine that section of trail which burned. What gives me confidence is that the fire was much smaller on the Western States trail (which is on the Placer County side of the river) and the fire lines did not run down the trail but instead intersected it in several places. There were a few thousand acres burned on the El Dorado side of the river. For now this section of trail from California Street in Foresthill to Francisco's at Driver's Flat Road is closed to the public as it is still an active fire area. 

Please be respectful of the fire restrictions and stay out of this area. We will let you know via Facebook and
our website at www.teviscup.org how you can volunteer to assist in clean up and restoration of this section of trail when the time is right. Thank you to all those who have offered to help. Downstream from Francisco's several trees are down on the trail. We are getting to them as quickly as we can, but be advised obstacles are prevalent on this section of trail.

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