Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mountain lion sighting near Tevis Cup trail - Full Article

Ride officials opt not to tell riders; no sightings on Western States Trail

July 26 2016
By: Gus Thomson of the Auburn Journal

A mountain lion was spotted near the Tevis Cup endurance horse ride trail on Saturday, with ride officials opting not to inform riders.

Trailmaster Steve Hallmark said Monday that the ride – with 165 starters Saturday morning from Squaw Valley and 87 finishers by Sunday morning in Auburn – was a “non-event year,” with no rattlesnake delays, extreme weather issues or injured riders or horses falling off the trail or running away from riders.

There were also no interactions with bears or mountain lions – something riders are warned about before setting out on the 100-mile endurance test through isolated wilderness areas to Auburn. Five years ago, Western States 100 runners were temporarily stopped in their tracks by a mother bear protecting two cubs.

Ride officials were made aware Saturday of the presence in the Michigan Bluff area of a mountain lion, Hallmark said.

A volunteer driving out of the veterinary aid station near Michigan Bluff reported sighting a mountain lion crossing the road, he said.

“It’s a reminder that riders are out in the wilderness,” Hallmark said...

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