Friday, July 08, 2016

Young rider fights through storm to finish 50-mile race - Full Story

Jul. 7, 2016
Pittsburg, Kan.

It was a ride that reminded them of what cowboys must have faced during cattle drives when they had no choice. Southeast Junior High School 8th grader Skylar Zortz, her mentor and their horses finished a 50-mile race this past weekend despite thunder, lightning and flash flooding.

“The last part of it was kind of crazy,” Zortz said when looking back on the ride.

At 7:30 p.m. on Saturday July 2, 12 riders started the 50-mile Owl Hoot Trail Endurance Race held northwest of Vinita, Oklahoma.

Being under 14 years of age, Zortz rides with a mentor — neighbor Wendy Justice.

"I think some of the appeal for endurance riding is that people of all ages can do it," Justice said. "It is an Olympic sport. If you really like to ride you get to spend hours riding and you get to see parts of the country through parks and conservation areas that a lot of people may never see. We get to see up close and in the middle of national forests or red-dirt canyons like out at Kanopolis State Park..."

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