Sunday, September 25, 2016

2016 Distance Nationals 50 and CTR

September 25 2016

The 2016 Distance Nationals are underway in Vinita, Oklahoma, this weekend. They are being run in conjunction with the Appaloosa National Championship Endurance Ride.

Jacoby Hayes and DJBCC Mattingley Wizard won the AHA Purebred 50 Mile Championship in a ride time of 5:44. Terry Reed and TR Olena were second in 5:46, and Kathy Broads and Fougueux were third in 5:56. 9 out of 10 starters completed the ride.

Wendy Justice and Rococo Amber won the AHA Half/Anglo Arabian 50 Mile Championship in a ride time of 5:44. Louise Burton and CR Blonde Bombshell finished second in 6:12, and Kerry Lowrey and Takoda were third in 6:30. Junior Skylar Zortz and Rococco Safire finished 5th in 8:05. Five of six starters completed the ride.

All 3 starters completed the AHA Purebred CTR Championship, with Terryl Reed and TR Olena taking the Championship win with a score of 197. Deanne Prusak and TA Kaiser were Reserve Champions with a score f 194.

2 starters were in the Half/Anglo CTR Championship, with Taylor Walker and Backstreetstrutter GSA taking the Championship with a score of 193. Miranda Miller and Brittany Rolsthedice were Reserve Champions with a score of 188.

The 100 Mile ride is underway today.

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