Thursday, September 08, 2016

Jill Haunold and Solara SS Win 2016 AERC National Championship 50

by Merri
September 8 2016

Jill Haunold of Boise, Idaho, won the AERC National Championship 50 mile ride Thursday at Antelope Island State Park in Utah. Riding Solara SS, the pair finished in a ride time of 4:43. Finishing second 13 minutes behind her was Christoph Schork of Moab, Utah, riding Medinah MHF. Californian Barry Waitte and De Lacruz were third in a ride time of 5:00.

Jill was first Featherweight, Christoph was first Middleweight, and Barry was first Heavyweight. First Lightweight was Dean Hoalst, riding Redwing of Courage, who finished 5th in a ride time of 5:18.

Sarah Holloway was the only Junior rider, finishing in 12th place aboard Noble Desperado in a time of 7:28. Sarah scored lots of swag from many of the generous ride sponsors.

23 started the ride, with 20 completing.

Full results will be posted tomorrow, along with ride photos from the trail, and a preview of some of the 100 mile riders at:

Stay tuned!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for keeping us posted! Sure wish more East Coasters could have made the trek...