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Action Hero Devan Horn – Adventures in the Mongolian Derby

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August 12, 2013
By Pamela@horsereporter

August 12, 2003, Texas ~ Devan Horn has just finished second – after coming in first in the longest and hardest horse race in the world – in Mongolia. Devan is 20 years old. What has shaped this fearless Action Hero? The back story shared by her parents, Rachel and Sandy Horn.

“Let me say first that Devan NEVER walked. Her first steps at nine months old were at full throttle. This literally and figuratively set her pace regarding how she moves through the world. She was born with a will and tenacity that has my head doing 360’s several times a day. She had stitches and a missing front tooth by age two. Need I say more?

As Devan grew up, it was evident that her official plan of action for life would be to set a goal, make a plan, execute said plan, check it off her list and set a new one. Most days were filled with plans that involved speed or animals. Perhaps she would decide on a morning that she was going to ride her bike ‘really fast’ down a steep hill with all the big kids. Then after taking a header, she’d spend the afternoon nursing her injuries and putting the finishing touches on her weekly ‘Why I should have a pet’ pitch. Naturally Devan’s goals changed over time. They became grander and more challenging as the years went by. Our plan as parents however remained the same: Give her the tools she needs to achieve her goals. Her resume is interesting and diverse. She has competed successfully in archery and has a first degree black belt in Kuk Sool Won. Her primary focus however has always been endurance racing...

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