Tuesday, August 13, 2013

AHA Nationals raffle!

The AHA Distance  Nationals are coming up, October 24-27, located in Chandlersville, IL, at the Jim Edgar Panther Creek  Fish & Wildlife Area (http://www.arabianhorses.org/competitions/nationalevents/natdist/2013/default.asp)

Being held in the Midwest, the centralized location will be easily accessible by a large geographical cohort of distance enthusiasts. Anticipating a large turnout, and good times!

This is less than 3 months way (where is the time going!?) and there will be a raffle to assist in the funding of this premier event. We are looking for new/unused items that would appeal to the distance rider, the horses involved,  the crew and interested family members that support their distance rider & horse.
The possibilities are endless. Tack, horse clothing, rider items, horse feed/supplements/treats, crew items (outcheck bags, coolers with beverages/nonperishable snack items, inclement weather gear, shade tents), accessories for rigs (awnings/high & spring ties, bucket holders), horse containment (pickets, electric fence components) , buckets & hay nets, horse/distance rider themed items, photo sessions, certificates to future rides, gift certificates to the legions of distance rider stores . 

And  mail/online order outlets....do you have a good working relationship with a favorite? Ask if they’ll donate an item or certificate good at their online store! A local feed store could donate a sack of feed, treats and/or supplements!  And gas cards!!! Your favorite fill up station, if it a nationally recognized chain! I’m going to email BP (and remind them of what a volume-wise good customer I am) and request a donated fuel card!
So I’m kicking it off with an item that my friends on Facebook helped me win by virtue of “liking” Distance Depot/The Horse Lover’s Outlet Facebook page on my behalf...this nifty  bridle.

As I am blessed to be the coordinator of this raffle, I’d be delighted to collect your donations at any ride I am at, or you can have it mailed to me or Jennifer Allen or Marge Spotts Dixon.

Ride on!
Jessi Zirbel

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