Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Parker AES passes

Arabian Horse World

August 9 2013

Quote of the Month from “At the Waterhole/Greener Pastures” in our August issue. The breed recently lost an inspiring equine hero, who, despite living with a severe birth defect, was a champion in endurance.

“Parker was an incredible teacher and mentor to riders and other horses,” says his owner Lee Hutten. “He was sensitive, kind, and patient, teaching riders how to sit quietly and be subtle in their cues, how to ride the ‘big’ trot, and he looked after beginners while challenging advanced ones. He dared me to dream and took me places I hadn’t considered, humbling me with his courage and drive. He touched so many people in so many ways, more than I ever realized until the notes and phone calls of condolence came pouring in. I really miss him. One of my favorite lines from a friend is, ‘If anything, Parker taught people that you don’t have to look like everyone else to be a champion. He just knew he wanted to go down that trail and boy, could he!’”

Parker AES (Hennessy x Cryztalgara) with Canadian Lee Hutten at the 2012 Biltmore Challenge, where they finished the 75-mile course in fourth place and won the FEI CEI Junior rider division and BC. Photo by Genie Stewart-Spears.

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