Saturday, August 24, 2013

AERC mid-year Board Meeting

The AERC Board of Directors met on August 17 at their mid-year meeting. Two motions garnering a significant amount of attention and controversy were on the agenda.

The first motion provides for an option in recognizing personal mileage plateaus. This will allow members to purchase a jacket indicating AERC miles after attaining an initial plateau of 1,000 miles and at 1,000 mile increments thereafter. Mileage can be endurance miles, limited distance miles or, if riders elect to add their limited distance and endurance miles together, will be indicated as "AERC Miles". This motion does NOT combine mileage in any way except for the individual's preference for acknowledging a personal milestone on their jacket. This motion was passed by a significant majority.

The second motion changes rule L7, which addresses Best Condition judging in LD rides. The motion requires that Limited Distance rides have a BC award available; and that the same judging system used in the endurance division be used for judging LD Best Condition. The motion passed 16-4. While Board members believe that ride managers should have autonomy when managing their rides, the majority felt that since AERC offers a regional BC award, that in the interest of fairness and a level playing field, uniform BC judging should occur at all sanctioned rides.

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