Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pioneer endurance ride set for Evanston Aug. 16-18 - Full Article

Posted: Tuesday, Aug 13th, 2013
BY: Jake Hibbard, Herald Sports Editor

EVANSTON — Coming up on Aug. 16-18 will be the annual Pioneer Endurance Ride near Evanston. Organized by Beth Buzis of Bear River, this ride will be the third annual one in the area. It is part of the larger Northern Endurance Rider Conference circuit.

This ride is a “pioneer” ride because of its three day length. Any ride in the circuit that is three or more days qualifies as pioneer mileage and goes into scoring for a special award in the NERC.

The first two years the Buzis’ put on the race, it was held near Mountain View. They chose to change the location for this year’s race to Evanston for a few reasons.

“We know the trails better, it’s closer to home,” Buzis said. “And, it makes it more available for community members to volunteer...”

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