Friday, July 01, 2016

Kevin Myers 1966-2016

The endurance family was devastated by the passing of Kevin Myers of Durango, Colorado on June 29.

The world lost a bright light in this warm, compassionate, clever, generous man. He was a mentor and close friend to many and will be missed by all.

Condolences from around the world are being shared among his friends and family.

A Celebration of Life will take place in Durango on Friday July 8th.

Farewell, dear friend. Happy trails.


Unknown said...

Sadness is an understatement....Had the pleasure of knowing Kevin at school all those years ago. In my head this just can't be true!. One of the nicest people with a smile that could light a room. Happy to say the pain in my heart is because Kevin touched it. The wind will whisper his name on every trail. Sweet dreams my friend till we meet again.

elsietee said...

Kevin was 1966, not 1971. One of the many things we shared.