Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Auburn business owner ready to try Tevis Cup for first time

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July 28 2014

Victory Velo Bike Shop's Dawn Tebbs training 'on big girl trails'

By: Matthew Kimel, Journal sports editor

Dawn Tebbs loves a challenge.

The 46-year-old Auburn business owner is in for one when she tests the 100-mile Tevis Cup for the first time.

“Being a mother of four boys isn’t challenging enough,” joked Tebbs, who’s always had an interest in the Western States Trail Ride while living in the Endurance Capital of the World. “I have to set the bar pretty high.”

Tebbs, who will begin her journey at 5:15 a.m. in at Robie Park near Squaw Valley on Aug. 9 in hopes of reaching home within 24 hours, will be riding Beylis Comet, a 10-year-old bay mare.

Beylis was first trained by Mark Schuerman, one of five other Auburn equestrian endurance athletes entered in this year’s Tevis Cup...

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