Thursday, July 31, 2014

Stroh Rides the Shamrock Endurance again

Carla Stroh, riding Spook, finished in the top ten in the 30 mile Shamrock Endurance Ride. Courtesy Photo

Posted: Wednesday, Jul 30th, 2014
BY: Phyllis Hahn

On July 5, Carla Stroh, riding her husband’s Arabian horse named Spook, participated in the annual Shamrock Endurance Ride that takes place on the Dietz Ranch southwest of Wheatland. This is the location where Tom Horn allegedly shot Willy Nichols. Stroh was accompanied by her good friend, Barb Orr of Mesa, Ariz., who had come along to do the all-important job of “crewing”. This involves being ready to take care of the horse when they come in for a vet check after the first loop. They have to sponge the horse down to cool it off and have water or Gatorade for the rider. They have to be willing to do whatever job the rider wants them to do at the last minute. Barb excels in this! The idea is to get the horse’s heart rate down to the required minimum so the vet can test him to see if he is fit to continue to ride. The vet tests for soundness at the trot, heart rate recovery after the trot out, capillary refill time, muscle tone and gut sounds. If the horse fails any of these, he is pulled from the race.

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