Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tevis Trail Update


July 29 2014

The trail crew has been working tirelessly on the trail as the ride approaches. Most recently, Steve Hallmark and his crew tackled the Pucker Point section. Reports back are that the trail is clear and in good shape. We thank our many volunteers who have put in countless hours making our trail safe and passable. 

As many of you know, riding the canyons will be a bit different from past years without the Swinging Bridge in commission. In order to ease some concerns, we asked experienced Tevis riders to report back on their training ride. Here is what 7-time finisher and WSTF Board Member, Tony Benedetti had to say about the river crossing when he rode it with Past WSTF President, Kathie Perry:

"I crossed this creek on July 5th. I was third in line of a group of horse. The entrance into the creek was not unsafe. The water is deepest in the middle, a bit of a hole, but it was only belly deep. I didn't get my feet wet. The exit up the bank is a little difficult but not unsafe, nor any worse than other trail obstacles prior to this point in the ride. The worst part is a boulder in the creek in front of the exit. The rider has to decide to go left or right around the boulder to exit the creek. The three of us went left. Overall, this creek crossing is no more dangerous than other sections of the trail.

As far as riders turning around and going back to Last Chance, during the ride this would be very dangerous and no rider should go backwards on the trail until the Sweep Riders have passed."

Tony Benedetti 

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