Saturday, July 05, 2014

Tevis Cup Entry Fee Increases July 12th

July 5 2014

With just under 5 weeks till the 59th annual Tevis Cup, you can still enter the ride for the normal ride entry fee. Traditional ride entry is $400, which includes drug testing, Robie Park camping, one ticket to the Friday Night Dinner, and one ticket to the Sunday Awards Banquet. First time finishers may choose to receive a Legacy Buckle for no charge. Award buckle is $150.00 when reserved pre-ride and is nonrefundable. Buckles are $199 when purchased post ride.

Signature Ride Entries cost $1500, and include raditional ride entry plus a generous donation to the Western States Trail Foundation. This entry package ncludes a buckle upon completion of the ride, a Signature Entry jacket and horse sheet, an invitation to
the VIP/Foreign Rider dinner, Wednesday evening barbeque, reserved seating at the Sunday Awards Banquet, two nights of stabling for your horse, Easyboots, and additional items. To make the weekend more relaxed, the Signature Rider also receives CalStar
helicopter insurance for the weekend and parking assistance at the Robie Park ride camp and Foresthill vet check. Signature Entries are limited to 15 riders.

Junior Entries are free to the first ten juniors who enter with an adult sponsor. Easy Care’s generosity makes
it possible for this program, which includes a Legacy Buckle for first time junior finishers, to be offered again
in 2014.

The ride entry fees increase by $100 on July 13.

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