Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hannah Pruss and Krusador win 2014 Big Horn 100

12 July 2014

Hannah Pruss and Krusador won the legendary Big Horn 100 in Shell, Wyoming on July 12th, in 14:05, finishing in the daylight. Just 7 minutes behind her were husband-wife team of Dennis and Sue Summers, riding AH Bantiki (aka "Bogart") and Oh Susanna (aka "Peach"), respectively. Bogart won the Best Condition award.

It's a tough ride, "around 15,000 feet of climb and descent through some of the most scenic, and rocky country I have ever seen," Dennis Summers said. "At any pace this trail presents huge challenges… Anybody who reaches the finish line knows they are a serious endurance rider aboard a serious endurance horse."

Sami and Linda Browneller and Christina Long finished 1-2-3 in 7:30 on the 50-mile ride, with Best Condition going to Long.

Riders praised the volunteers, ride management and organization, and trail markings for the successful ride. "Spectacular company, horsemen, trails, ride management," said 10th place finisher and 3-time buckle winner Roxi Welling.

For complete (unofficial) results and stories by Dennis Summers and Roxy Welling, see:

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