Thursday, July 03, 2014's Book of the Month: The Egyptian Alternative: Breeding the Arabian Horse, Vol. 1

July 3 2014

The Egyptian Alternative: Breeding the Arabian Horse, Volume 1, by Philippe Paraskevas

The author challenges many current notions about breeding and showing. He also questions whether Western breeders should continue to set the parameters for “Egyptian” breeding or whether breeders in Egypt will reclaim their history and take responsibility for safeguarding the Egyptian Arabian horse for the future. A book to challenge the thinking of all Arabian horse breeders.

As the source and foundation of Egyptian Arabian breeding, it is important for breeders to learn as much as possible about the E.A.O. and breeding in Egypt. El Zahraa is at the core of many of the key issues. The Egyptian Alternative presents a well thought out approach to preserving all the bloodlines and to utilizing them in a careful way that will insure they remain an integral part of our cultural heritage. --Ahmed S. Hamza, Former Chairman, E.A.O.

Through the years there have been many books and publications about the Egyptian Arabian horse but few have been written by an Egyptian. We now have The Egyptian Alternative which has been written by a local breeder who maintains a breeding philosophy that remains close to the traditional approach and does not follow the current strategy of adding specific refinement to the basic characteristics. He believes that many of the trends introduced by the West into the show ring have deviated from the original principles. Paraskevas also presents a different interpretation on the history of the Egyptian Arabian as published by several researchers, historians and breeders. He has done his research and homework in a very thorough manner and while occasionally controversial, the book will trigger discussions and debates for some time. As such it is a must read work. --Dr. Nasr Marei, Ph.D., Al Badeiya Stud Farm

I have known Philippe for over 25 years and have always felt that he is a real lover of the Arabian and a true breeder. In this time we need devoted people like him who still love and care about El Zahraa. Serious Arabian horse people should read this book to learn what is a real Arabian and how to live with this noble creature. --Dr. Ibrahim Zaghloul, Director E.A.O. (Retired)

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