Wednesday, September 22, 2010

200 Wins, Celebration and Reflection

Global Endurance Training Center

The 200th endurance win of Christoph at last weekends Las Cienegas 100 mile ride was certainly a landmark and world record. No other rider has ever crossed that threshold. It was reached on Stars Aflame, competing in her third season now. Last year she was highest finishing USA horse at the Kentucky Cup. This year, she was among the final 25 horses selected for a spot on the USA Endurance Team for the WEG. She ended up not being selected, which allowed her to return to the AERC competitions for the remainder of the year. This was her first 100 mile win. Christoph was glad for being able to work with her in partnership during this race.

Focus, constant learning, commitment and dedication to the sport certainly paid off for Global Endurance Training Center with this accomplishment. This is a time to not only celebrate and bask a little in the sunshine, but also to give Thanks to our horses and their willingness to work with us in partnership. Without their commitment, eagerness and spirit, we would not have achieved these goals.

We are lucky to have such a great family of performance horses at GETC. Christoph has roughly 400 completions. Half of them, 50% are first place finishes. During the endurance careers of Christoph and Dian, GETC horses have accumulated over 135 BCs. (Christoph and Dian have over 100 combined BCs alone). If you think about it, of roughly 700 completions of our horses, there is a 20% chance of a Global Endurance horse receiving BC.

Kevin Myers, Marketing Director of EasyCare, Inc, interviewed Christoph yesterday. His Press release can be viewed at EasyCare's Blog:

EasyCare has been instrumental in the success of Christoph, Dian and all the GETC riders. The new EasyCare Glue-on boots and Gloves are helping our horses tremendously in their performance. Many times we have written about the ease of application, the light weight of the boots, their sole protection. These new boots are unprecedented in the hoof care market. Nothing will ever be the same from here on out. Hoof protection companies have to step up to the plate. The bar has been raised substantially by EasyCare.


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