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Shagya Arabian to compete in the USA WEG Trials

American Shagya Arabian Verband

August 30th, 2010

Kentucky owned and bred Shagya Arabian horse SA Belshazzar will compete in the USA WEG Trials to determine the national USA WEG Endurance Team at Shaker Hill in the next few weeks. He is owned and bred by Daunna Sellers (859-485-4403) of Verona, Kentucky and is Registered with the American Shagya Arabian Verband (ASAV) a Kentucky Non-Profit Corporation that registers the Shagya Arabian Horse in the USA. Contact person: Darlene Steven, past President, founding member lives in Finchville, Kentucky (502-419-7638)

Belshazzar will be staying in Henryville for two days before leaving for the trials. On Tuesday, August 31st the ASAV will host a media meet and greet from 10 am to 3pm at Connie Caudill’s Farm in Henryville. (see directions below) In attendance will be SA Belshazzar (the WEG shagya arabian horse), Ellen Rapp the rider, Daunna Sellers the owner, Darlene Steven ASAV media rep, Connie Caudill, AERC President (American Endurance Ride Conference) who represents the USA as the volunteer coordinator for WEG endurance competitions. (812-967-5973)

Reporters will be able to take photos, video, talk with the people above, and interact with the horse. He will leave for Shaker Hill on Wednesday, so this is a one day event.

Story factoids:

SA Belshazzar is fathered by Bayram who stands at Seller’s Farm in Verona. Mother is Jayel TongaFarah, both owned by Sellers. He is a grey Shagya Arabian who stands 15.1 hands tall and is 13 years old. He is being ridden by Ellen Rapp and longtime endurance rider from LaMotte, Iowa. Both Ellan and “Zar” have been trained by Jeremy Olson. He is owned by Daunna Sellers of Verona, Kentucky who has bred and raised shagya arabians for over 20 years and is a founding member and breed registrar for the ASAV. Sellers also owns Bayram the sire of “Zar” as he is fondly refer to by everyone who loves him. Bayram’s sire Oman was also the sire of SMR Fayette de Cameo who won the Tevis Cup in 2002 and the Haggin Cup. The Tevis is known as the most grueling 100 mile endurance race in the country.

Hungares, also a Shagya Arabian Horse was the 2006 WEG Endurance Champion was bred by Babolna, the State Stud for breeding horses in Hungary. The horse was owned by Spaniard, Miguel Vila Ubach.

The American Shagya Arabian Verband will hold its 5th National Membership meeting during the first weekend of WEG September 24th - 27th. The meeting will include a Shagya Arabian Judge’s Seminar with Dr. Walter Huber and Dr. Egon Kamarasy both certified International Shagya Judges. The seminar will start on Saturday September 25th break for the WEG Games Opening Ceremony and Endurance 100 mile Race on Sunday, to be continued on Monday the 27th. The membership meeting will be held on Friday evening at Buckcreek Farm in Finchville, Ky. The meeting is open to everyone for free. There is a cost for the Judges Seminar please check the ASAV Webpage for details.

This will be the fourth time the ASAV has held it’s national meeting in Shelby County, Kentucky. Darlene Steven owns Buckcreek Farm and has bred Shagya Arabian for close to 25 years says, “She is excited to have this Shagya Arabian Judges Seminar at her farm. It will be the first time such an extensive and educational event has been held in the USA.” The Shagya Arabian is a rare and endangered breed of horse with less then 2000 breeding animals worldwide. The breed was developed by the former Austro Hungarian Empire of the Habsburg Family, where as after WW II, was segregated into the former East Block of Nations with very few animals outside of those countries. The first record of Shagya Arabians imported to the United States were with the horses with also included Lipizzaners and Purebred Arabians that were imported by General Patton for the U. S. Cavalry at the end of the war. Since that time, individual breeders have imported Shagya Arabian from Europe which today have formed a collection of breeding animals across the United States with a largest group being bred in the Pacific Coast and the Midwest.

Dr. Walter Huber is on the Board of Directors of the Internationale Shagya Araber Geselleshaft and will be the lead clinician for the event. Huber is known as a horsemen and international judge in Europe. Dr. Egon Kamarasy is a retired Professor from the University of Illinois at Carbondale. He was born in Hungary in the 1920’s and was part of the Hungarian Cavalry after WW II came to the United States and became a Political Science Professor. He will assist at the event and is also a ISG International Judge who has officiated at a number of Hungarian Horse Shows

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