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Sept 7th Shaker Village - Heather's Blog

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Tuesday, 07 September 2010
Today was pretty tame. We all met for a 7:30 breakfast at the dining hall of Shaker Village. There were candles on each table as well as pitchers of juice. It was a buffet. Very pleasant, Ellen and my favorite part was the perfectly crispy bacon. It is rare to find it done the way we like it.

After the breakfast we had a brief meeting and headed to the barn. We put the first set of horses on the walker.

After the walking, all of the horse/rider combos went one at a time in 15 min increments practicing bullet hand offs. (This is where you get handed a jug of water to pour on your horse as you fly by on horseback). That was fun and time well spent. It was windy so we all got fairly wet.

Jeremy and I rode Sam and Smitty after this. They were great. We did a really nice 12 miles at a rapid clip. They are both looking fabulous!...

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